Giba Gorge
Environmental Precinct
Is home to a unique complement of rare and threatened ecosystems with an impressive list of animals and plants. The towering slopes, cliffs and gorges were once home to Stone Age people, evidence of which has been unearthed at the Umhlatuzana Rock Shelter

Download the Giba Gorge Flora and Fauna checklist here:


The GGEP is open to the public free of charge. Activities include, walking trails, mountain biking, bird watching or just relaxing and enjoying this tranquil environment.


NOTICE: SRA error on municipal accounts.

Residents in the vicinity of Giba Gorge – falling in the Giba Gorge Environmental Precinct – are charged an additional rate, which appears as an item on your municipal account. This is a contribution towards the maintenance of the beautiful environment that we live in.

You may have noticed that since July 2017, eThekwini municipality has been charging these SRA rates at about 15c in the rand, rather than the agreed 5c in the rand. This is an error in the software, and will continue until June 2018. However, a refund of the additional amount was paid in September. Another refund is due to be processed in December and will continue until the error is corrected in the 2018/2019 rating year.


Note: Data for graphs below collected by Hansie Pieterse. Dec 2017 not available.


Conservation Management  is integral to the GGEP’s vision  in order to maintain these areas in a natural state for future generations to enjoy as well as to restore those areas that have already been degraded
Education is another core ambition of the precinct’s vision and plans are afoot to get schools involved in river health studies and other activities.
For more information on management activities, download our management plan, or see what our staff have achieved recently in the field. For residents that are keen to follow the progress of our conservation team in more detail, download our monthly implementation programmes
The GGEP is funded by a cooperative including private and municipal landowners. For more information on how this works visit “ABOUT US”