Giba Gorge
Nature Reserve
Is home to a unique complement of rare and threatened ecosystems with an impressive list of animals and plants. The towering slopes, cliffs and gorges were once home to Stone Age people, evidence of which has been unearthed at the Umhlatuzana Rock Shelter

Some pictures above taken by Jo Sobey


Download the Giba Gorge Flora and Fauna checklist here:


The GGEP is open to the public free of charge. Activities include, walking trails, mountain biking, bird watching or just relaxing and enjoying this tranquil environment.


Note: Data for graphs below collected by the late Hansie Pieterse, who contributed so much to Giba Gorge. (Dec 2017 not available.)


Conservation Management  is integral to the GGEP’s vision  in order to maintain these areas in a natural state for future generations to enjoy as well as to restore those areas that have already been degraded
Education is another core ambition of the precinct’s vision and plans are afoot to get schools involved in river health studies and other activities.

Every year during May and June, Thuthuka and the GGEP team cut and clear strips, known as tracer lines, in the grassland areas to act as fire breaks.  Fire breaks help to contain the spread of fires during controlled winter burns and can also control possible run away veld fires in the winter.  Not only does this maintain the diverse vegetation of Giba Gorge but it protects the neighbouring properties.  Here, the team is cutting tracer lines along Alexander Drive using brush cutters and weed eaters.”

(Shown in the picture beneath … )

Cutting out invasive vegetation is hard work, often requiring many follow-ups – but the results can be very rewarding – seen in these two pictures of Mamba Hill… “before and after” …

The GGEP is funded by a cooperative including private and municipal landowners. For more information on how this works visit “ABOUT US”